Performance Optimization

ll Online shopping success formulas are dependent upon the speed at which you can make the sale happen. If your Magento website is slow, then you can conveniently forget that you can ever make that sale happen. You've got just a few seconds to catch your customer's interest, so be sure that your site loads fast enough, lest you want your visitors to go off to a competitor’s website.

Experienced eCommerce merchants will understand that Magento is a resource hungry application. In the present eCommerce scenario, speed is the key to online business success. Any website that takes more than a couple of seconds, say five seconds, to load is automatically out of the race. Besides, Google has introduced a site speed parameter in web search ranking. Hence, the performance of your store matters the most. At Krish Inc., we offer the best performance optimization which speed-up your Magento store performance, it becomes capable of serving more visitors with content, graphics, and images per unit of time.

Our Key Magento Performance Optimization Services:

  • Magento Code Optimization
  • Magento Frontend Optimization
  • Server Optimization
  • Magento Profiling
  • Database Optimization
  • Magento Setting Optimization

Talk to us if you feel that your Magento Site is slower than you expect. Rather than using a unitary concept and providing you with a standard fix or a speed optimization plugin, we will take into account the unique content as well a structure of your website as well as the version of the Magento that you use. Also, we will consider any customization you are running, so that you can far better speed than you can hope to achieve with a plugin. Get it touch with us today if you feel that your Magento website is slow. We are a Magento Silver Solution Partner, and we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote along with an exact time frame in which you can expect the task to be completed.

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