Dedicated Team Model

The Dedicated Team model is the most surely understood response for component associations that consistently create and improve their things and organizations. It is to a great degree versatile, which makes it easy to pass on to publicize quickly. Then again, it moreover requires a strange condition of correspondence and compromise between all get-togethers included.

Types of Dedicated Resource you can hire:

  • Certified Magento Developer
  • Magento Developer
  • Magento Extension Developer
  • WordPress Developer
  • WordPress Plugin Developer

Employee Levels:

We have three groups of developer according to the level of experience:

  • Junior Engineer (up to 3 years of experience).
  • Mid-level Engineer (over 3 years of experience).
  • Senior Engineer (over 5 years of experience).


In the Dedicated team model, we charge our clients based on the number of

  • Dedicated Resources Experience
  • Technology to be used
  • Time required
  • Size of the team required for the client


We have three groups of developer according to the level of experience:

  • Timeline & Schedule
  • Documents supporting to the project
  • Quality
  • Resources
  • Project Management & Communications

Benefits of Our Dedicated Team Model:

  • No infrastructural investment, dedicated resources, best pricing
  • Full operational control, complete flexibility of operations
  • Benefit to communicate directly to the resources
  • Consistent team working for the project assigned
  • Providing information security
  • Seamless integration into customer’s workflow and processes
  • Strong service delivery and methodology practices