Magento: How to implement custom indexing within flash time?

Generally, we set the data into a joint table, this helps us to show data without processing. Tables containing collective data can be named as flat table and the managing procedures can be named as indexing. Here in this article we come to know how we can speed up the processing and displaying without adjusting the standards of database normalization. Quick guide for the contents in the article Anomalies of a non-normalized database. Requirements for Data Indexer. Event Oriented Indexing. [...]

Magento Mobile

Magento: How quickly you can create a mobile eCommerce app in android/iOS ?

Mobile app is widely accepted by the android users. If surveyed we come to a conclusion that majority of the shoppers use mobile app for online shopping. Thus it has become a prominent business tool especially in the ecommerce era. Creating a mobile app is a complicated task. Magento has come with Dolphin Web Solution for easy and quick development. It possesses the quality to omit the entire complicated task while building difficult functions with no time span. How Magento shopping [...]

USPS Patch SUPEE-7616

This specific little patch can be readily available as of today along with corrects various improvements towards the USPS shipping technique. USPS lately produced numerous improvements for their solutions premiums, as well as package labels that produced the particular module intended for Magento obsolete. Using this patch installed the particular module updated to get compliant using the newest adjustments.It provides the subsequent Common Article renamed “Retail Floor,Flat Price Package intended for Top priority Mail Express Removed & far more. [...]

Magento New Patch SUPEE-7405

Magento has just introduced the newest security patch intended for Magento 1.x as well as 2.x termed SUPEE-7405.The particular patch is usually essential for every single Magento installation which is advised to run the particular patch immediately.This patch handles several security difficulties within Magento. SUPEE-7405 This specific patch repairs the subsequent issue,prevent cache manipulate,SQL injection through split routing,CAPTCHA avoid , Cross-site Obtain Forgery (CSRF),Incorrect Enter Controlling and even more To get a total listing of the particular patched protection and also [...]

eCommerce Product Photography

eCommerce Product Photography: Why is it Dampening Your Sales?

If you are an owner of a physical store, you would definitely do it up in an immaculate and attractive manner so as to entice your potential and target customers.  You will choose the choicest of products and display them so that they get drawn into buying the products.  Well, the same is applicable for online stores too.  Regardless of whether you are a B2B company or a B2C company, you need to project it the way you project [...]

Improving Magento Sales

Improving eCommerce Sales: How Magento Can Contribute to the Growth

eCommerce has in fact brought about a tremendous change in the shopping behavior of individuals.  More and more people are buying products on the internet than visiting the brick and mortar stores.  Getting an online representation of a business has become extremely affordable.  With an investment of a few hundreds of dollars you can get a fully functional store and a modern looking store thanks to the platforms like Magento. What is Magento all about?  It is considered to be [...]

Migration to Magento 2: Why is it so essential?

Well, you may be happy with the Magento 1 version but why is there so much hullaballoo about Magento 2?  People are talking extensively about it and bloggers are actively mentioning this in their blogs.  So, you are at crossroads…whether to upgrade or no! How necessary is it for your kind of business? First and foremost you need to ascertain the kind of business yours is!  How the current Magento store is performing.  If your business is expanding and falls in [...]

Magento Version 2.0

Upgrade to Magento 2.0

After Development of Magento 1.9 and with power of three successful years,Now Magento propound the general accessibility of our next era to open source digital platform,"Magento 2.0". Magento is Working With more than 4 Million clients for empowering Business across B2B & B2c industry for Worthwhile delivering shopping experience. Declaration Of Magento 2.0 Upgraded Power: Proactive Caching: Solved Problems of HUGE Amount of Slow Database Queries to rendering page,Which can now Load pages in 1-2 seconds. An Modern Code Base Generation: With the [...]

How to Installing Magento Patches

Magento offers launched brand new patch, SUPEE-6788. You can download the particular patches through the official website of magento, This is actually the website link: : The is the way to install the particular patches with the Magento store, here is the most straightforward guidebook to apply patches in your magento. There are 3 methods to install patches, sometimes making use of SSH as well as the various other you are making use of FTP or even cpanel. A number of hosting [...]

Install New Security Patch Immediately

Magento releases patches while it detects any kind of being exposed within the method to make method more secure, Magento has recently released New patches in Oct 27,2015, It is quite considerably advised to install your patch as soon as possible because ones Magento store is usually prone till then and hacker may hack important computer data facts. Magento has already introduced one patch not too long ago, although 80% associated with Magento stores haven’t applied and for that reason [...]